Code300-32 - v3.xx History

version 3.05

New modes added:

MF-TTY: RTTY with DTMF tones

THROB: 9-tone system with DTMF and single tones 

PSK 10: added, has different character set as PSK31

PSK 63: added

PSK 220: added with binary output 

PSK10AM: added, uses a kind of FEC code

PSK31AM: added, uses a kind of FEC code

PSK50AM: added, uses a kind of FEC code

Baudot Parity : added Baudot with 1 parity bit is available as 'Baudot Parity' in menu part 'special systems'.

Universal Demodulator: now with with DBPSK demodulator

New R38, R39-1 and R39-2 demodulators: available in Universal Demodulator and Baudot

MIL188-110 Serial and Stanag 4285: terminal mode 5- and 8 bit synchronous bugfix.

Auto interleaver mode: added in Stanag 4285 and Stanag 4529 (with button). Remote command : "INTERLEAVESEARCH" is possible. 
On success the return command on control socket is: 'Interleave found: xxx L / S' 

Morse: WPM window update under remote control fixed.

PSK31: added in autoclass by baud speed and shift

ARQ-SWE: bug fixed in remote control (initialisation)

Piccolo 6: 20 baud now ok, test for other speeds in progress

TORG: baud rate fixed when started from autoclass

PACTOR I: shows P mode if auto mode is selected

Phase Spectrum: cursor fixed, averaging+windowing fixed.

Correlation Mod and Correlation Mod VHF: changed, auto update of graphical part enabled.

Auto Classification: autoclass with ident_class_baud looks for counter > 10 in shiftbaud class-mil_141 included

Auto Classification: INMARSAT TDMA module added

Auto Classification: 2 more mil sub modes M110.

Auto Classification: Piccolo 6 40 Baud module added

Auto Classification: TORG 300 manually choice

Correlation Mod: small changes, reset button included, also in Shift Speed Measurement

Correlation Mod: new cursor

Mil modes: on bps and Correlation Mod.

MFSK Universal: number of tones increased up to 50, shift adjust with decimals possible

Generator: ARQ6-70 added (uses CCIR 342 instead of CCIR 476 in ARQ6-90/98)

PSK 31: in PSK31 and other modes where it is not necessary has been removed the second text file

New remote command: to change alphabet SETALPHABET=1..18 alphabet status controlled now by remote and IP

New remote commands: SHOWBINARY, SHOWNORMAL switch between binary or hex output and normal text output

ARTRAC, 81-81 COQ8, COQ8 ACEC (autostart): sync status control by LAN changed.

Show_binary with IP via remote for : Piccolo 6, Coquelet 8, ASCII, Stanag 4285, Stanag 4529, Psk10, Psk31, Psk 220, MFSK Universal, GW Dataplex, DGPS 

Piccolo 6 and Piccolo 12: with sample_agc now, sync state = agc

Crowd 36, MFSK 18, MFSK 20, MFSK Universal: got sync by LAN and status connected to agc

Remote commands: for Audio LAN input stereo: 

Bug in remote audio by lan fixed

version 3.04

If the file 'PREFERENCE_COLOR.TXT' is present in the main directory of CODE300-32, the two following lines contain the chosen back ground colors for graphical and text decoding modules: 
BACKGROUND_COLOR_TEXT=123xxxxx (color values in hex format)
In main menu, setup, preferences, background_colors, one can select another color, the chosen color is written into this file. The file will be created if it doesn't exist.
Without this file CODE300-32 starts with the default values for color.

STANAG 4285, 4529, M188-110 ser and 39 tone:
Function ''EOM disabled'' added (mainly for synchronous modes) with remote command and button EOM.
Remote commands added: EOMActive / EOMInhibit enable/disable EOM. Default is EOMActive!

Remote commands:
Two Remote commands added: 
"SCREENSHOT", generates bmp file in a graphical mode, 
"SCREENSHOTTRANSMIT" generates and send a *.bmp file by LAN to a new port address (same data address, data port address + 4)
The screenshot is deleted after beeing transferred.

FLEX: 6400 mode bugfix 

Phase Plane: center freq with 2 decimals, up to 22 Kc.

DCF77: small bug in input channel

Save text to disk : overwrite with confirm added

File: Filter in RTF dialog added

CODE300-32 start directory not longer default for IP, BMP, TXT and RTF files
Choice now possible for choice of drive in Data path i.e. D:\AAA\data_dir

Audio recording: Audio recording works with a 'pre-recording' to prevent loose of data while openening the recording tool to hard disk, the full buffer content is added to the begin of each recorded file.
For voice recording this facility may give problems, so it can be disabled now.

Disabling / Enabling can be done in the following three ways:

1. Configuration file sets the default value (On / Off = Data / Voice): 
PRERECORD=YES enables data recording
2. Setup / Preferences Menu in mainform allows local change of the setting without restart of CODE300-32:
Enable / disable the setting simply
3. Two remote controls are added to enable/disable this pre-record: 
PreRecordOn / PreRecordOff 
toggles the value by remote, the actual setting is confirmed by a return status: 
Voice Recording / Data Recording
The status of the Preference menu is updated by remote command too

Bitstream: MIL modes + STANAGS flush last <8 bits if bitstream is enabled. Works while closing module.
Also by remote command "FLUSHOUTPUT" possible, maybe usefull sometimes.

STANAG 4285, 4529, M188-110 serial and 39 tone:
EOM disabled (mainly for synchronous modes) with remote command and button EOM.
Remote commands EOMActive / EOMInhibit enable/disable EOM. Default is EOMActive!

Sound Card: fix mixer problem now icon on main menu recall the mixer of the sound card selected

Center Frequency: set until 22 kHz 

EPIRB: Baudrate selection added 

MFSK Universal: added, use MFSKxxx.MXT file for define you own module 

Coquelet Demodulator: now use xxxxx.COQ file for define you own module 

version 3.03

VHF Selcall: 5-tone discriminator output data by LAN 

Center Frequenxcy: all modes with center frequency up to sample speed/2 -500 Hz enables direct DAT input of 12 Khz IF

Baudot: first tuning grid enabled before auto baudot, reduces delay in FFT

FFT in mainform: grid scale reduced at zoom and higher sampling rate

Remote : add new command "Connect_Request=YES" in config file: 
a message box appears in C300-32 while a remote control socket connection is made.
'Yes' accepts connection, 'No' disables and sends message'no connection allowed at this moment',
'Try later' disconnects and sends message'no connection allowed, Try later'.

Universal COQ8: demod: with preset coq tables, load, unload, ITA2 and ITA5 tables editing

ACG: Demodulator and BIT Analysis with AGC, suppresses output without signal.

Bit Analyisis: new screen type

Country List: EPIRB, GMDSS, GMDSSa with external country list (GMDSSLIST.TXT)

Keyboard : KEYBOARD_EMUL=YES added in config file to enable/disable keyboard commands as default. 
Override by manual setting in preferences is possible while running Code300-32

Universal Demodulator:
Demodulator: SEARCHLIST.TXT added in Replace and Search modules (DEMOD, BITEDITOR)
Demodulator: few bugs in IP setting, new IP's are necessary!!!
Demodulator: coq demod added, new search and replace function
Ita2 table in coq demod, ascii table in demod only
Demodulator: Bit Steram output now avaialble also in this module 

Custom table: increased to 10, now load WITH extension ASCII_TBL as saved by Mapper

AGC: MFSK modes and M110xxx, s4285 s4529 agc_gain: real in single!

MFSK Universal: module added, uses external tables for all details like:
qty tones, tone mapping table, CF, Shift, Baud rate, EOM-,SOM-, Blocksync- and Special String

MFSK 18 added

MFSK 16 added

MFSK oscilloscope added

RF7B with variable speed and shift, plus hex output marker

CW F1B added

ZVEI - I 13 BIIS added

DGPS in in beta now, external station list included. No further details will be shown, only identification!

Waterfall module: old cursor value in zoom modes fixed

Baudot: Baudot and Baudota no baud measurement if in autoclass

Autoclassifications: RUS Baudot added

Autoclassifications: module with external table (CLASSTABLE.TXT) shows all parameters

Modulation Classifier: DPSK2 added test!

Text Finder: TEXTSCANLIST.TXT in all textfinder modules

Diversity - all the following itens are under test 
Diversity Oscilloscope : in old ANALOGUE OSCILLOSCOPE, incl. difference measurement L-R
Diversity: FSK added in old way for most modes, Baudot FSk and FEK
Duversity: Pac1 and 1a button for control character and/or rep blocks added, 
brute force diversity for EXTENDED mode start with PACTOR I, more follow...

PACTOR II: Add KNOWNCRCS2.txt for PACTOR II (extended version only)

Inmarsat: Update INMARSATCES.txt


Version 3.02


NMARSAT C TDM improved

GW Dataplex added

TEXT Scanning improved

Version 3.01 

STANAG 4285 and 4529 Synchr. 8 and Synchr. 5 bit terminal mode in 

two channel mode minor bug fixed, s/n increased

3 characters selcall implemented

Auto tune center frequency without signal to default value

Serial port minor bug fixed

Mil 188-110 Serial Synchr. 8 and Synchr. 5 bit terminal added

Version 3.0

All modes with new speedbuttons with icons.

Separate buffer replay for each mode allows real multitasking.

Left button replays full buffer, '5' button in steps. of appr. 5 seconds.

Background color and font size/color for text modes, background

Color and pen color in graphical modes can be choosen in most modules and in PRESET Preferences for a complete session.

Following modes can be started twice in optional EXTENDED VERSION:

CW, Sitor, Baudot, Packet, ASCII, Pactor I, Pactor II, M188-110ser, M188-11039t, M188-141, STANAG 4285, 4529, PSK31, ARQ IRA, GMDSS, HFDL, POCSAG, FLEX, ARQE, Skyfax

Please note: CW can start twice also in the normal version.

RTTY Table

Each mode ( if there is a technical requirement) has his own RTTY codetable that is editable with Font Editor.

The saved custom table gets the extension of the alphabet type that was used in this mode, i.e. *.ITA2_TBL in case of Baudot.

One can load one of these custom tables also by remote control or via custom menu.

Save the decoding module with custom type1..5 choosen in ALPHABET choice, i.e Baudot with Customtype1.

You should edit and save the necessary RTTY table with the font editor before.

Table files that are used under remote control (loaded by IP) don't need an extension, they must be renamed into CUSTOM TABLE1 ...CUSTOM TABLE5 in the same TABLE directory, otherwise they cannot be loaded, their extension must be removed therefore.

The program will select the correct table type because it is saved in the header of this table file.

All rtty tables are written into directory TABLES.

SubDirectory 'TABLES' and 'Freq_Used_Modes' are generated automatically now.

This is done automatically if the default data directory not exists. For an update remove or rename the existing data directory before CODE300-32 is started, all directories will be created then.

.IP 'FREQ_USED_MODES' directory contains all 'local' IP's for a custom made menu.

Saving an IP is changed: if menu combobox in mainform is open (custom menu), each IP is saved into the directy 'freq_used_modes' with users- or default name, but without the extension IP. Otherwise IP is saved into standard data directory with the 'IP' extension.

CustomLog.Txt: this file must be present in the CODE300-32 main directory and may contain a string with up to 50 Characters.

This text will be added to each logging string if a file is written to disk, after the standard parameters like baudrate, shift etc., ( if this function was enabled in CODE300W.CFG).

New Remote Control commands are added:

'QParams', followed by a slash and the mode number 1..6 is used to ask the actual parameters of each running mode by LAN.

'SetFocus', followed by a slash and the mode number 1..6 is used to give the focus to any running mode.

Only the active mode sends his spectrum display and tuning markers by LAN (if activated).

Changing the focus changes the active tuning aid therefore.

A new module, MODULATION CLASSIFIER, is added as a beta version.

The functions and modes will be increased in the next few months.

Some actions are functional now, i.e. 'noise' can start the receiver scan by a LAN command, 'FSK2' can stop the scan and start Auto Class mode if requested.

Two new commands are added therefore: StartReceiverScan and StopReceiverScan.

These commands are sent by LAN for further custom purposes.

Audio recording is always opened while this module is running, but with temp hold as default.

This opens one audio file only, even when the recording is activated and deactivated several times.

MIL 188 110 39 Tones: bitstream output redesigned

Edit Form new design

Generator: TDM 342 / 242 was changed

Pactor 1 bug fixed

Shift Speed Measurement: Baud measurement improved

Cursor values in waterfall, phase spectrum

Comport added for serial output of data, must be in CODE300W.CFG added:

Comport_1 to comport_4, baudpseed 300, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 76800, 115200 always 8N1;

shift_table local now in all modes

show_full_ascii in all (ASCII) modes by remote

All settings by IP for : ASCII, Merlin, Num13, Aum13, PSK 31

Demodulator: limited to 39 tones

HFDL sita flight details in remote

SKYFAX all details in IP

Crowd 36 with squelch now

MFSK20 added

INMARSAT TDM channel added

In all modes: close command postmessage files closed and decoder closed replaced with SENDMESSAGE

Demodulator: arrays filled with 0 at start, limited to 39 tones

MIL 188 110: arrays filled with 0 at start

Character Counter added 20 custom characters, in a few modes a new 256 char counter as beta

Keyboard Emulator: commands in prefrences on / off

init_text_to_disk replaced at end of start routine

save text to disk if module was opened by autoclass is fixed herewith

PICCOLO 6 saves into two separate files

Callsign to LAN: ALE, CODAN8580, Skyfax, GMDSS, other in progress

Skyfax tuning grid improved

Start with single mode: add SINGLE_THREAD=YES in config.file

Twinplex FEK demodulator improved 

Phase Constellation added.

FFT zoom with waterfall cursor and time cursors improved (mode must be in temp-hold)

MIL 188 110 39 Tones: tuning bug, grid was improved

Pactor 1 shows callsign, also output by LAN

Save_to_disk files extension changed from *.txt into *.RTF, all parameters and custom file included, now in all modes