Data Communications Solution

Extended Version

The Extended version offers the same modes and tools as the standard version, plus some important additional features: 

  • Codan Package: Codan 9001/3012 Data, Codan Chirp selcall, Codan binary converter
  • CHN 4+4
  • Up to 20 modes twice: you can start completely independent many decoding module two times
  • Up to 8 different decoders: can run on left or right input.
  • Start the extended version "twice": you have an 4 channel input decoder / analyzer (a second sound device is necessary)
  • Optional Mode: available as option for CODE300-32 Extened PACTOR I, II, III, IV Clover II, and Clover 2000

In this way your PC becomes a super decoder analyzer with up 20 decoding modes running at the same time! Production work is made easy and cheaper as never before! Automatic Audio recording with graphical squelch, automatic text search facilities, whatever a professional user is looking for, it is included here. Audio input by LAN for two channels, with a completely free choice of the sampling frequency allows full integration of this version into larger systems and direct connection to digital wideband receivers without the need of re-sampling. All functions and tools are remote controllable by TCP/IP.

A brief description with the most important technical details. Code300-32 Extended allows the running of two sessions of the program at the same time. This means that with two audio cards the system can handle up to 4 audio channels simultaneously: One could have two receivers, one into the Right (R) channel and the other into the Left (L) channel of the LINE IN input socket of the first audio card and the same configuration for the second audio card.

4 Receivers configuration Two receivers are connected to the first audio card (left and right channels of the LINE IN). Two receivers are connected to the second audio card with the same configuration. Running the decoder, the input channel can be selected from both the control panel and from any of the analysis/decoding tools. All the operations can be performed simultaneously even when using many tools at the same time. 

A few examples :

  • Audio card 1: Left channel Baudot and Right channel Sitor
  • Audio card 2: Left channel HFDL and Right channel MIL188-110 39 Tones
  • Audio card 1: Left channel MIL188-110 Serial and MIL188-141A (ALE), Right channel Stanag 4285
  • Audio card 2: Left channel SKYFAX and MIL188-141A (ALE), Right channel Coquelet 8 and CW
  • Audio card 1: Left channel Pactor II, Right channel Pactor II
  • Audio card 2: Left channel Pactor II, Right channel Pactor II 

In this way we can follow the entire traffic of two different networks. Code300-32 Extended can run two completely independent sessions of the same decoding mode, this unique characteristic can be utilised on approximately 20 different modes. For example, you can open two sessions of the MIL188-110 decoding mode receiving a station with two different receivers/aerials (tuned on the same frequency) thus utilizing space or polarisation diversity. Or you can follow a network using the same mode on two different frequencies exactly like having two different decoders. You can use up to 8 different decoding modes at the same time on both channels.

In the Extended version you can open two simultaneous independent sessions of the following modes.

FLEXGMDSSHFDLMil 188-110 serialM 188-110 39 tone
Mil 188-141 ALEPactor IPactor IIPacketPOCSAG
PSK31SitorSTANAG 4285STANAG 4529Skyfax
CODAN 9001/3012Codan CHIRP** Pactor III M** Clover 2 M** Clover 2000 M

** these modes are optional available only

Example of sound setup for CODE00-32 Extended

Configuration with two standard sound cards eg 2 PCI or PCIe sound
card or a "on board" sound normaly included in all PC plus one PCI
or PICe sound card
 Configuration with a single 4-channel sound card eg M-Audio Delta 44

CODE300-32 Extended Version Package includes

  • Code300-32 Software on CD ROM
  • Support for handling of up to 4 input channel
  • Security key USB
  • Serial output via RS232
  • Bit stream Output in MIL modes
  • Editing of all code tables
  • Two (x2) channel audio input by LAN
  • Available as option : Pactor I-IV, Cover II, Clover 2000 (Medav)
  • 24 months free software update
  • 24 months warranty on hard- and software.

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