Code300-32 Extended Version 3.08

We are proud to announce it here for all our professional customers

The new HOKA decoder 32-bit Windows/NT® software version

 One of the worlds most sophisticated data decoder analyzers is now available,  CODE300-32 Version 3.0  continues our long experience with data decoders,
the good old DOS decoder CODE3 was the beginning of it all, approx 15 years ago.

The Extended version offers the same modes and tools as the standard version,
plus two additional features

  • you can start approx. 20 modes twice, completely independent. I.e MIL188-110 can run on two different receivers/aerials on the same frequency, offering brute force diversity. Up to 8 different decoders can run on left or right input.

  • but that's not all: you can start this extended version twice (a second sound device is necessary, we suggest a USB sound device). In this way you have an

  •   4 channel input decoder / analyzer available !

Following modes can be started twice in the  EXTENDED VERSION:
FLEX GMDSS HFDL Mil 188-110 serial M 188-110 39 tone
Mil 188-141 ALE Pactor I Pactor II Packet POCSAG
PSK31 Sitor STANAG 4285 STANAG 4529 Skyfax
** CODAN Chirp ** CODAN 9001 ** Pactor III ** Clover 2 ** Clover 2000

 * Note: CW can opened twice also in the normal version.

 ** These modes are optional available.

In this way your PC becomes a super decoder analyzer with up to 16 decoding modes running at the same time! Production work is made easy and cheaper as never before! Automatic Audio recording with graphical squelch, automatic text search facilities, whatever a professional user is looking for, it is included here. Audio input by LAN for two channels, with a completely free choice of the sampling frequency allows full integration of this version into larger systems and direct connection to digital wideband receivers without the need of re-sampling. All functions and tools are remote controllable by TCP/IP.

The Analysis section is increased and allows re-mapping of nearly all code tables. 

Data output is possible in HEX, Octal, DEC, Binary.

  • A brief description with the most important technical details.

  • Real Multitasking, open as many decoding modules and tools as necessary at the same time.

  • No Hardware required! You only need the sound card of your pc, nothing more !

  • Multi Channel, use both channels of any existing sound device to enable completely independent decoding from 4 different audio sources.

  • Hard disk Recording, simultaneously with any decoding module.

  • Automatically Audio Recording with 'Graphical Squelch'

  • Due to the software-only solution, any notebook without adaptor etc. becomes a super decoder analyzer.

  • Operating systems supported: WIN98®, WIN2000®, XP, NT4

  • Code300-32 Extended currently runs under Windows 98 / 98 OSR2, Windows Me and Windows NT4, using at least a Pentium III 1 GHz processor or faster with at least 256 MB RAM. Under Windows 2000 Pentium III 1,5 GHz processor and 256 MB of RAM are recommended while under Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional PC the minimum configuration recommended is a Pentium III/IV 2 GHz processor and 256 MB RAM. 

  • Fully Remote controllable by TCPIP via Intra- and Inter Net. Up to 256 decoders controllable from one place.

  • In some modes we can offer an additional output for bit streaming of 'intelligent' bits

  • Bit Stream output is available in the following modes:
    - MIL188-110A Serial
    - MIL188-110 39tones
    - STANAG 4529
    - STANAG 4285

  • - STANAG 4481.


  • Software release 1.8 and higher offers an automatic tuning facility.
    Simply press the button on the right part of the main form to
    auto-tune into any FSK or MFSK signal.

  • Completely new, easy to handle Graphical Users Interface (GUI)

  • the old DOS keyboard commands from the CODE30 and CODE300 decoders can be used with the new CODE300-32 software. This allows experienced users to quickly navigate the program using the key-strokes they are already familiar with.

  • A lot of new, hot modes are available, most of them only available from HOKA:

  • MIL188-110 serial, all modes, interleavers and speeds.

  • MIL188-110 39 tone, all modes, interleavers and speeds

  • PACTOR II, all modes and user groups


  • STANAG 4285

  • STANAG 4529

  • MIL 188-141 ALE

  • HFDL




  • Binary Data Editor

  • MFSK 20 and all known derivates


A small remark:
all these modes are not 'in preparation', but available now, from stock......

CODE30-A and CODE300-A are still supported but are now 'out of production' and
have been replaced by the above new 32-bit versions.